Passage to Zarahemla

Two teens from L.A. make their way to Utah to hide with distant Mormon relatives from their troubled pasts. When an earthquake opens up a time rift, they’re drawn into an ancient mesoamerican war in an exciting story available as a novel, audiobook, and motion picture on DVD.


“Chris Heimerdinger breaks Mormon Cinema’s mold, ambitiously transposing settings from the Book of Mormon into a stimulating action-adventure drama.” — Sean Means, The Salt Lake Tribune

Orphans on the run — Kerra and Brock McConnell — seek help from LDS relatives in the small town of Leeds, Utah. Join Kerra as she discovers mind-bending mysteries in the nearby woods where a passageway exists to the jungled world of the Book of Mormon in 19 A.D.

Includes the original theatrical version and a “less intense” version, where some of the action sequences are toned down for parents of younger children. Also, a making-of documentary, deleted scenes and director’s commentary.

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